Will the puzzles stand up to be displayed when not being played with?

     Yes, all of our puzzles are made to stand on their own and are great for display.

Are the puzzles handmade?

     Yes, all of our puzzles are 100% hand-crafted with love.

Are your paints and finishes toxic?

     No, the materials that we use are not toxic.

Are the puzzles made in the U.S.A.?

     Yes, all of our puzzles are manufactured in Texas.

What kind of saw does Pete use to make the puzzles?

     Papa Pete uses a scroll saw for the intricate cuts required for precision puzzles. 

Are the puzzles shipped assembled?

     Yes, our puzzles are all assembled and vacuum packed so that they are protected during shipping.


Please do not hesitate to email us any questions that you may have!  We'd love to talk to you!

Email:  petechoquette@sbcglobal.net