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Welcome to Papa Pete's Puzzles

All Products 100% Handcrafted

Puzzles are Vacuum Packed for Safe Shipping

All Materials Are Kid Safe


Welcome to Papa Pete's Puzzles!

All of Papa Pete's Puzzles are Handmade with Love in the U.S.A.  






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Our Story

How to (unintentionally) Turn a Fun Hobby into a Business

This all started about three years ago when we figured out that we had, or were in process of having, 13 great-grandchildren and one great-great grand child!  I am retired and it became increasingly difficult to give each kid a birthday present, Christmas present, or every time they “lost a tooth” or “learned how to go potty” gift.  We decided that if we made presents for the kids it would be something that they could hold onto for a lifetime and remember us.  We started out with just a few puzzles.  Some of our neighbors, friends, and family looked at the quality of our work and suggested that we should try to sell some.  I resisted for a very long time because I really enjoyed the hobby and did not want to turn it into a business.  After many conversations with neighbors, friends, and family we decided to try to sell a few at some local market days and we have been very successful in selling these ever since.  We go to at least two market days per month (and oftentimes three or four per month).  In all the market days that we have gone to, we have never seen any competition for the puzzles we make, and we are very happy and proud of what we have done.  There is no more enjoyment than watching a little child’s face light up when they get a brand new puzzle!  So, in the end… this is how we turned a fun hobby into a business.

Lots of fun on cold winter nights or anytime. Great gift!

Bruce W.